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  1. I can relate this topic with my experiences in the ATR. Baby! when I tell (no disrespect, Baba), when I tell you I don’t doubt nothing those ole folks told me when I was little never again. The day of my presentation before the drums, I was sober as a jaybird. No cigarettes, wine, sex or nothing for months prior to. I was lead outside in front of a large ATR community by a bell. They told me to do certain things before the batas, madrina, etc. Then I entered a welcoming crowd. I prayed secretly to Yemoja/ Olokun to protect me because people was video taping us secretly in the windows of the main house, and to help me get thru this ceremony. Lo behold, as I entered that circle of priest/priestesses, my body swirled after awhile of dancing. All I remember clearly is awakening in the room where the other iyawos looked frightened and my madrinas consoled me with confidence that I was truly a child of “YEMOJA”. My godparents clapped with pride. I was driven around the city from house to house in celebration afterwards with so many praises and well wishes . It was undescrible. I needed to sleep 4 a day to regroup. I don’t take the ATR lightly, Baba.

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