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Ifá is a Spiritual Philosophy that Teaches Self-Empowerment via Self-Accountability. Ifá helps you align your life with your destiny and create the kind of life you know you deserve. These courses and workshops are based on Ifá teachings. They are comprehensive and you’ll learn everything you need to know to be the very best version of ‘you.’

Meet your instructor

My name is Awodele Ifayemi and I’ve been teaching Ifá’s Spiritual Philosophy and Traditional Theology for over forty years. Before teaching full time I studied Ifá from age 5 to 25.

As a Babalawo it is my charge to share my knowledge of Ifá. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that Ifá is about self-empowerment and growth. The type of empowerment which one finds via Ifá, allows you to grow beyond your expectations. This growth is not about money or stature; it’s about spiritual growth. It’s the kind of growth that keeps you feeling joyful and positive. he kind of growth that helps you shine from within.

Start a journey to a better you today.

Everything You Need

  • 5 Part Ancestor Healing Workshop. Learn to remove generational curses.
  • 5 Minute morning ritual that will open the doors to success.
  • Tap into the source that knows your destiny and create a better.
  • Protect and enhance your life with help from Divine Entities.
  • Lifetime access to all lessons, files, PDF and videos

All of the above for a one-time payment:

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Discover the 4 Pillars of Ifá that will change your life.

Common Questions

The courses are delivered via video and some are delivered via eMail. Some of the lessons will have files in PDF form you can download. These files contain additional instructions and checklists you can use to always know the order in which you should put to work the instructions given.

The courses are free. There are some additional material you may want to own and if you choose to buy those materials you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card. The transactions will be processed via PayPal or Stripe.

Once you have registered for the 4-Pillars of Ifá, you will get an emails letting you know that your lessons are available. These emails will contain a link directing you to the lesson. These emails will direct you to each of the lessons that make up the 4-Pillars of Ifá.

Absolutely! You can send me an email, text me of call me. I am always available to chat with you. If you choose to call me, just schedule an “Introduction Appointment” via the Appointments menu on the home page of This will reserve 30 minutes of my time for us to go over your questions.

Start your journey to a better life today.

Discover the 4 Pillars of Ifá that will change your life.