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  • Identify “Head Orisa”
  • Identify the desires of your Soul
  • Discover your Destiny
  • Discover Predestined Blessings
  • Minimizing Predestined hexes

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Imori is a divination ritual performed for children or adults seeking further spiritual and material advancement via initiation into the mysteries of a particular deity, secret society, or religious path.

Information Revealed By Imori

Imori focuses on revealing the specific earth spirits, deified ancestors, deities, and religious practices that a person must follow in order to enjoy a prosperous life on earth and in the afterlife. Imori emphasizes the messages, desires, and needs of a person’s astral (Ori), ethereal (Emi) and physical (Ara) identities.

Imori identifies whether an individual has reincarnated from the mother’s or father’s side of their ancestral lineage.

This information is all-important because it is understood that specific physical strengths/weaknesses and supernatural powers/vulnerabilities are passed onto our offspring via the male and female sides of our familial lineages. As such, many West African Orisa (deities and deified ancestors) that convey material blessings to an offspring genetically through the father’s lineage include the divination divinity Ifa and the patron deity of children Korikoto.

Meanwhile, the Yoruba Orisa associated with the mother’s lineage that genetically convey intuition and psychic aptitude to an offspring include the river spirit Osun, the deified sorcerer Osanyin, and the patron divinity of herbalists, Erinle.

In essence, Esen’taye and Imori employ Ifa divination to improve people’s lives by identifying destinies, improving psychic defense capabilities, reinforcing strengths, bolstering weaknesses, preventing calamities, reversing potential misfortunes, maximizing predestined blessings, and minimizing the adverse impacts of predestined hexes (or black magic).


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