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From the beginning of time, men have always questioned their existence and have wondered if there is life beyond death, and call upon such religious technologies as Ifá divination to query their concerns. Without getting into a philosophical debate on the subject, just understand that there are many who believe life continues beyond the limitations of the physical body.

It is said that before birth and coming into the world, each person makes an agreement with the creator (Olorun) about the purpose of her or his life.

We forget this at the time of our birth, but it remains with us as a guide (ori) though its voice is drowned by the roar of living in this chaotic world. The Ifá divination system helps people shape their lives in line with this deep purpose.

If you are struggling with some part of your life – a choice, an opportunity, illness, death, or something else – and want to know how to change it for the better, then Ifá can help.

Ifá acts like a gentle counselor of the soul, conveying to us the best actions to find success, deeper meaning, and peace of mind.

Ifá Divination helps us communicate with a source of knowledge which transcends all physical knowledge and its inherent limitations.

Going to a Babalawo to consult Ifá requires that the querent be mindful of what they want to know. It is advisable that if you are going to visit a Babalawo for Ifá divination you spend some time pondering over your question.

A divination session requires you to be clear about the question you are going to pose to the Oracle.

Ifá divination requires you to be clear about the question you are going to pose to the Oracle. This is important because there cannot be any confusion in your mind about what you are going to ask about.

What many do not understand is that during divination it is the person’s spirit who is talking, and the message which is being conveyed via the selection of the Odu which are manifested contain the answer being sought after. So it is important that you have a clear understanding of what it is your want to ask or you will not understand the message.

Ifá grant a seeker answers to their root problem.

This is a very important concept to understand. You are going to be exposed to the root cause of your problems.

Many individuals find this very difficult to accept because 99% of the time they are the root cause of their problems. Therefore; an Ifá divination session looks deep into your subconsciousness for your answers, and finds that your own behavior or choices have brought upon you the troubles you have come to Ifá to solve.

When the root cause of your problems is identified, Ifá gives you the knowledge needed to remove the root of the issue. Sometimes the solution is too much for the person to bear, and continues life from one mishap to another in a never-ending vicious cycle of temporary spells of peach and mayhem.

Ifá does not focus on giving you a band-aid.

A divination session with a Babalawo does not focus on giving you a band-aid. It does not focus on the symptoms. Ifá divination focuses on giving you a permanent solution to your troubles, by uncovering its root cause.

Therefore; spend some time pondering over your troubles, and when you go for your Ifá divination do so with an open heart, and a willingness to hear the truth.

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Ifá gives us the key to unlocking the door to that which we seek. If we use it, we can fulfill our destinies. Ifá will enlighten us, if we take the time to reflect on, and apply the wisdom which it gives us.