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We come to Ifá for permanent solutions to problems we have not being able to solve on our own.

Spiritual Consultation

Spiritual Consultation

Struggling with some part of your life? Ifá can help.

Life Path Reading

Life Path Reading

Find your true Calling and Discover your purpose!

Defeat Your Enemies

Defeat Your Enemies

Do you have a battle plan to defeated your enemy?


Esen’taye gives a child much needed self-esteem

Ifa Initiation

The key to unlocking the door to that which you seek.

Post Initiation Training

Tips on what to look for that make or break a trip

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My we are being a bit vague. However; whatever it is that your are wanting to improve you start with consulting Ifá. This way you will get to the source of whatever is blocking your progress

Absolutely not! nore do you want me to. But I will teach you how to be in control of your life and manifest the kind of life you desire.

A straight forward answer for a straight forward question. I’ve been practicing Ifá since I was 25. That is when I completed my 20 years of training and as of this date it has been over 40+ years since I was 25.

Absolutely! Babalawos, Iyanifá’s, Babalorishas, and Iyalorisas are always welcome to work with me.

WOW! This is the mother of all problems. It is extremely difficult to be successful with the outcomes. There are many “variables” outside of my control which makes the outcome a “moving target.” Yet this is not impossible, and desirable results have been achieved, yet patience is the key.

This is what Ifá is best know for. There is no need to be without child, and Ifá favors those who are ready.

There is nothing Ifá can not solve if the problem has been correctly diagnosed via divination As a result of which a perfect solution for you will be prescribed.

I have to say over six thousand and counting. That does not include the numerous students I’ve had over the years.

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