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  1. “When the universe came into Being at the moment of Creation, it was Olodumare, who was given the task of sustaining a;; that is.”

    Is this a typo? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^^

    If so, can you let us know what is meant to be.


  2. Alafia

    Why is there no pronoun She in this Genesis, and wasn’t Islam and the Portugese part of creating the Yoruba State we know today?
    I find it interesting that African women use the pronoun he even for female deity. Lastly. How does one talk about a womb and not mention the female attributes? There was a reason why the maternal was so strong in our stories on this side of the water.

    Moudpe Baba

  3. Olódùmarè is the creator. He delegates the creation of humans to:
    Ogún, who creates the skeleton (basic frame)
    Obàtálá, who creates the body
    Oşun,who brings sacred water
    Ajala, who creates the orí.
    Òrúnmilá is over intellectual development, wisdom and literature. Òrúnmilá embodies literature.
    Ìwàpèlé ♀- wife of Ifa Name means and represents good character.

    Dr. Ògúnwáňdé Abímbólá Babalawo Awise Agbaye

    In the other section you say Orumila is the Creator? Why I have a problem with my faith becoming a Theology. I wrote Awo Ayo Salami telling him the same.
    It is stated that those whi have doubts are those with the strongest faith. Did our ancients call it a Theology, when they had no word for religion?

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