Woman playing the Bata Drums

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  1. Playing Djembe is not like playing Bata, and the purpose of both drums are different. In Yoruba land where Bata Originated, they are used to praise Sango and Egungun unlike the Djembe which are used for entertainment. Bata itself is like an Orisha thus the two drums serve different purposes.
    The Taboo surrounding women not participating in rituals or entering sacred spaces during the menstrual cycle could be the reason why women are not encouraged to play the Bata drums in Yoruba.

    1. Ajé á wogbá o!

      I am extremely grateful for your visit, and your eloquent explanation regarding this topic which has raised much questions.

      I’m honor by your visit, and look forward to chatting with you in the near future.

      Asure Iwori’wofun

      Abgo Ato
      Awodele Ifayemi

  2. The idea of restricting anyone from a spiritual action based on gender is a spiritually unaware way of thinking.If it is because of the menstural cycle,why are women not “allowed” to play the Bata drum when they are not cycling?We are living in a time when our spiritual awareness is ascending,and with this comes into plain view spiritual restrictions that are oppressive.That is why so many people are turning away from old fashioned Christianity.Spiritually we are both masculine and feminine.Spirit is everywhere,in all things.Tradition was created by the people,why can it not be changed by the people when it is found to be unhealthy to anyone?

    1. Alaafia;

      Thank you for your visit and your comments. You are right about the “duality” of Spirit. As long as religion is controlled by the idiosyncrasies of society we will always be challenged by stereotypical mentality. The best one can do is search within for the answers. Ifá is an all inclusive faith and “way of life.” Every one is invited to discover it, and via Ifá connect with “TRUTH”

      O Dabo
      Awodele Ifayemi

  3. cholawuenwè says:

    Buenos dìas, con todo respeto, si la mujer tambièn es creaciòn de Dios y ante èl todos somos iguales con los mismos derechos y deberes, bienvenidas ya basta de machismo. Saludos

    1. Awódélé Ifáyemí says:

      Alafia Cholawuenwè;

      Yo comparto su punto de vista. El Ifa tradicional siempre ha considerado la mujer igual que el hombre. En el Odu Ose Tura Ifa nos enseña la importancia de la mujer y su indespensibilidad en la creacion del mundo.

      Ogbó àtó Asure Ìwòrìwòfún.

      O dábò!
      Chief Awodele Ifayemi
      Atunwase Awo of Ilobuland

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