The Four
Pillars Of Ifá

Alaafia I’m Chief Awodele Ifayemi. Thank you for visiting my site. I would like to share with you a few things I think you may find interesting and may answer a few questions you may have.

The Purpose Of A Babalawo is to guide those who seek to understand the mysteries and teachings of ifa. 

Let me address some of those mysteries and teachings of Ifa. Imagine a platform supported by four pillars. Each no less important that the other.

The First Pillar contains the knowledge of Ancestor Reverence; which teaches us how to maintain an ongoing relationship with those who have departed. Ifá teaches that the dead are reborn into family members so that they can finish whatever business they were not able to finish while on earth. We also learn how to tap into the collective wisdom of our ancestors reaching back thousands of years of knowledge which can guide us through the challenges of life.

The Second Pillar teaches us about the Forces of Nature that govern the ebb and flow of the energies governing this planet. Ifa teaches how to create a harmonious relationship with these forces so that your life is in constant harmony with the world and universe around you. When you are able to accomplish this, you finds yourself living the kind of life that is just perfect for you and your loved ones.

The Third Pillar teaches us about a divine spark of consciousness that knows our past experiences and our destiny during this incarnation. Ifa calls it Ori; which is our creators consciousness within us. You could say that because of Ori GOD experiences itself through us. Knowing how to connect with this transcendent consciousness allows us to experience life like you’ve never experienced it before. We are able to receive guidance and council on any issue we may have, and we can access this abundance of wisdom any time we need it.

The Fourth Pillar and equally important is Divination. Ifá Divination helps us communicate with a source of knowledge which transcends all physical knowledge and its inherent limitations. Ifá divination requires you to be clear about the question you are going to pose to the Oracle or you will not understand the message. This is important because there cannot be any confusion in your mind about what you are going to ask ifá. An Ifá divination session looks deep into your subconscious for your answers, and often times finds that your own behavior or choices have brought upon you the troubles you have come to Ifá to solve. The good news is that when the root cause of your problems is identified, Ifá gives you the solution to remove the root of the issue.

It is my job to help you understand these teachings, messages, and philosophies of Ifá so you can use them as tools for achieving Self-Empowerment.

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Ase? Until then O’Dabo!