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We face oppositions and encounter difficulties galore, and the whole of our daily activity may, in a sense, be considered as a struggle against all odds which come in different forms as the sorrows of life.

The moment we wake up in the morning, we have to face the obstacle called hunger which we try to obviate by cooking and eating food, the obstacle called thirst which we have to get rid of by drinks, and the obstacles called disease, exhaustion, fatigue, sleeplessness and the like, which we endeavor to remedy by the introduction of various types of medicines.

The very presence of people around us is an obstacle and the human individual suddenly becomes restless, and both consciously and unconsciously puts on an attitude of self-defense, as if one has found oneself suddenly in a terrific war field.

The difficulties of life are, to a large extent, the very substance of life itself. The whole of life is a bundle of difficulties. It is a mess of oppositions, which calls for a continuous counteracting force which is what is called human enterprise.

If the whole earth were filled with milk and honey, and if there was no fatigue, no old age and death, no hunger and thirst, no opposition and nobody to utter a word, then there would be no activity, no necessity to do anything and no incentive in the direction of any movement.

The quantity, the expanse and the magnitude of the opposition which comes before us in life is such that no single individual will be able to face it. This whole world is too much for a single man or woman, and considering the incongruous, disproportionate relationship between a single human individual and the vast world outside, there is very little hope of man’s achieving anything in this world, successfully, because we cannot bail out the ocean of waters with a spoon, though our effort may be laudable.

We are, no doubt, very sincerely industrious in emptying the ocean of its waters with a little spoon or a ladle. Notwithstanding the fact that this effort on our part is praiseworthy, it is not going to lead us to any success, and the expected result will not follow.

The ocean cannot be emptied by any amount of bailing out with a spoon. Such seems to be the type of world into which we are born, and people who are acutely conscious of this situation become humble enough to accept that even an inch of success cannot be expected in this world without the miraculous grace of God. So, even the little success that sometimes seems to come to us is a kind of undeserved promotion, as it were, granted to us by the mercy of the Almighty.

Our efforts are only a puny child’s whining and weeping with a helpless weakness of body and mind.

“We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us”. This is a common understanding within the Religion of Ifá and the foundation of our believe system.

Learning To Communicate With Your Ancestors Will Be An Invaluable Asset to Solving Your Day-To-Day Challenges

You can go to your Ancestors for anything. They all love you and will council, and guide you with your best-interest at heart. Would you do any less for your own children or siblings?

There is no need for any type of “initiation” in order to communicate with your Ancestors; this is your birthright. However; there are some principals which must be observed in order for your experience to be both positive, and rewarding.

This eBook aims at providing you with the instructions known to achieve this objective. If you use this knowledge for any other purpose other than to achieve harmony and peace in your life, you run the risk of attracting energies which will create the opposite effect.

Ancestor Reverence – The Path To Self-Healing

Ancestor Reverence is a multi faceted spiritual system based on Ancestral custom and tradition. This system was designed to offer a simple step-by-step approach to Ancestral Reverence.

Once the basic elements are in place, the ancestors can be contacted directly for guidance on how to solve your problems.

With the exception of our Ori, no Orisa approaches the level of closeness that we have with our Egun (Ancestors). Because we have shared life experiences with them we are at ease in their presence.

Even when your dearest relative is gone you can pick up their favorite shawl, pipe or book. We maintain a level of connection that if need be, can be triggered by only remembering them and their ways.

It is no wonder that we are taught as Orisa worshipers to take the majority of our problems to them first, before we approach the Orisa.

We feel secure in knowing that just as when they were living, they still care for us and look out for our interests.

What Can I Go To My Ancestors For?

I might go to them with concern over obtaining a better job. Maybe I have done some legwork, picked a few positions out that sound interesting. So, I go to my Ancestral Shrine do my invocations, and then ask them if the prospects I have in mind are worth my time. This is a good question. The world would be very different if everyone knew they could ask and get a reliable answer to such inquiries.

What Are Some Examples Of Good Questions To Ask My Ancestors?

You can ask many questions relating to situations you need help with. Example of a few questions you may ask are:

  • Am I in alignment with my Destiny?
  • Am I in the right field of work?
  • Am I ready for a mate?
  • Is now a good time for having children?
  • Is there something I can do to prevent loss in an upcoming legal dispute?
  • Should I take a stand on this political issue?
  • Do the Ancestors approve of my political views?
  • Do the Ancestors approve of my lifestyle choices?
  • Would I learn something positive from making friends with so-and-so?
  • Can so-and-so be trusted with my secrets at this time?
  • Can you help me identify spiritual exercises that will help me be more disciplined?
  • Am I in any immediate danger from others?
  • Is this a good time to find a home I can afford and buy it?
  • Is this home that I have picked out free of unseen dangers?
  • Is so-and-so lying to me?
  • Am I prepared for my upcoming exams?
  • Should I share the results of this reading with anyone other than my spiritual advisor?

These are but a few examples of the many areas of concern you may present to your Ancestors.

Whenever I have need of something, I ask my ancestors first. More often than not my need is met without me needing to resort to any more complicated spiritual work. When I do perform spiritual work, I always ask for their blessing and aid, and I have noticed my work being more potent than before. Overall it has improved every aspect of my life, and strengthened my connection to the Divine. I am very grateful that I found a way to approach ancestral reverence in a way that worked for me and allowed me to connect to my familial current without any drama and baggage.

So How Can YOU Start An Ancestral Practice?

I certainly don’t claim to know the One True Way to do it, because there isn’t any one particular way that is any better than others. If you are working within a tradition that has specific established practices, then you’re ahead of the game as you already have a system and elders to look to for guidance.

Many however are just independent eclectic spiritual practitioners and, may be confused as to how to get started. They may have issues with their family, or may have been adopted and not know their bloodline, or they may just be overwhelmed with all the options they have come across online and in books.

I like the technique laid out in my Free 5-Part Ancestor Healing Workshop. It’s simple and straight-forward, and if you want to finally have a way to get rid of all your troubles with the help of your Ancestors then I suggest starting this workshop today.

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