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Ancestral Veneration

How important is ancestor reverence? Lets see, try to put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors. If you were an ancestor and your family members and friends were to just forget about you, how would you feel? Get the Complete Ancestral Reverence Ebook. Learn how to set up your Ancestral Shrine to Avoid Unwanted Visitors. Learn How To Communicate with your Ancestors and they will help you through their Wisdom, and Love.  Read more!

New World Obi Divination

The concept of communication with the Spirits and Guardian Angels in the African Diaspora religions is an intricate part of the spiritual development of the practitioners, whether initiate or life long spiritual head of an ile (or “house of worship”). Obi divination is the methodology of obtaining an answer as guidance for movement in a situation or the outcome of current events. And this volume does just that!"...   Read more!

Can Ifa Help Me Take Revenge?

revenge Can Ifa Help Me Take Revenge?People come to sit on my mat from near and afar, and in their heart the question they eagerly seek an answer to is how to take revenge of someone who has done them wrong. Getting even with one who has done you wrong is not the advice you will get from Ifa. Those whom have done you wrong have, by their own actions, brought unto themselves repercussions you can only dream about imposing on them.

On this Ifa has a few Odús which covers this situation.

We shall start with Ogbe Osa, alson know as Ogbe’Sa and Ogbe Rikusa, and Ogbe Sooto. Read the rest of this entry

Reading for 2010

9 tablero de ifa ogunda meji 150x150 Reading for 2010 27 tablero de ifa ogbeturupon 150x150 Reading for 2010 25 tablero de ifa ogbesa 150x150 Reading for 2010
Second Witness
Ogunda Meji
First Witness
Ogbe T’omopon
Primary Odu
Ogbe Sotito

Read the rest of this entry