clarity 150x150 Now That You Have Complete Itefa, Whats Next?Itefa is a ceremony which is experienced by those called upon to service their community via the agency and charge of the title; “Babalawo”. However; a Babalawo Itefa does not make you, any more than 4 years of medical school make you a Doctor. You still need many years of practice supervised by a competent Babalawo who can show you the technology of Ifa.

This is a very important truth, and one you must humble yourself to.

Considering the multitude of issues clients will bring to you, it is no wonder it takes years of study and practice to be a competent Babalawo.

When you take into consideration the responsibilities you have to your community, taking the time to prepare yourself with the right knowledge and understanding of Ifa will serve you and your community very well.

This is why after three decades of practice, I have decided to share what I have learned with you.

If you have just completed Itefa, you need to embark in a journey of study that will help you interpret and understand Odu. When a client come to you they have a problem which they cannot resolve. The solution to over 90% of these problems alludes the client and it is your responsibility to uncover the “root” of the issue.

Without a proper understanding of Odu Ifa, and without knowing how to decipher the ese ifa you will have a very difficult time uncovering the root cause of the clients’ problem, and you will not be able to correctly decipher what you need to do to help the client solve their problem.

Ifa training is geared towards helping you, the “Awo Kekere” learn the mysteries of Odu, and in so doing help your immediate Orisha community live in harmony, and grow spiritually.

You are responsible for becoming the best Babalawo you can be. It is your responsibility to seek Ifa training in all the areas you need to have knowledge in. You must continually study, and put to use the knowledge given to you to benefit your community.

Be patient, practice a spiritual discipline, focus on developing your understanding of Ifa, and be a servant unto the people who rely on you.

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