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Ancestral Veneration

How important is ancestor reverence? Lets see, try to put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors. If you were an ancestor and your family members and friends were to just forget about you, how would you feel? Get the Complete Ancestral Reverence Ebook. Learn how to set up your Ancestral Shrine to Avoid Unwanted Visitors. Learn How To Communicate with your Ancestors and they will help you through their Wisdom, and Love.  Read more!

New World Obi Divination

The concept of communication with the Spirits and Guardian Angels in the African Diaspora religions is an intricate part of the spiritual development of the practitioners, whether initiate or life long spiritual head of an ile (or “house of worship”). Obi divination is the methodology of obtaining an answer as guidance for movement in a situation or the outcome of current events. And this volume does just that!"...   Read more!

Odus Archives

The Nature Of The Odu Ifa

pressing ikin02 150x150 The Nature Of The Odu IfaMany people define Odú as the physical symbols used to mark the signs received during the divination process. Oth­ers equate Odú with the verses associated with each symbol that form part of the body of the Ifa divinatory corpus. While both elements reveal a small part of Odú, the greater mys­tery lies far below the surface.

The Odú are the sacred symbols that hold the ase (power/life force) of everything in existence. They are holistic maps that chart the dynamic movement of energy and iden­tify the most primal forces of the natural world. The Odú are transcendental mandalas that mark the active and inactive energies of a given situation with startling accuracy. Read the rest of this entry


4 tablero de ifa odi meji 150x150 OdiDisclosure: What follows is my own highly opinionated, intensely felt, not necessarily correct, and perhaps at times alienating view of Odu, and what they mean.

The first gift of the Ese-Opon Odus is Odi Meji. The gift of Odi Meji is incarnation and materiality. What is the first gift we receive from Olodumare? What is the first gift Olodumare gave to the first humans? The gift of the palpable is such a gift.

We begin with this wonderful gift! We get to be on this earth, where green grass grows and blue water flows and stars shine at night. And the message and the challenge of this Odu is to know when to pass through the mystical arch out of a garden, a sequestered place – perhaps our own little home environment – to the stark, high, snowy mountain peaks, unsoftened by verdure, which represent the pinnacle of pure truth. My personal experience with Ifa is that the reference to Mountains refer to reaching a higher level of unadorned truth, facing the objective truth. Read the rest of this entry


recentment OsheSaI wan to share a little bit about the odu Oshe’Sa. For the most part one of it’s most significant message; If you harbor resentment in your heart you might as well take poison. Think about this.

So much energy is spent harboring such powerful energy, that the only person impacted by its negative results is you.

Often times we take on a reality which is not who we are. A facade; if you will, is the most destructive persona we can assume. We put ourselves in a state of “being” which does not resonate with who we truly are. It is no wonder that the powerful Oya energy would come to our rescue. Read the rest of this entry