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Failure is your Friend – Embrace it

Does that sound like a ridiculous idea to you? That failure is your friend? How can that be possible when we’re taught from a very young age that failure is a terrible, shameful thing? We often think of failure as a dirty word, a terrible thing. We’re taught... Read more

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Chango – Orisa of Enlightment

Iná lójú Iná lénu Iná ní gbogbo ara Gbá mí o Sángó mo ké mo bgá o!Fire in his eyes Fire in his mouth Fire all over his body Help me Sángó I cry out please help me The above praise names summarize all that can be thought of Sángó. The design... Read more

Orisa WorshipGet all the information you need about Orisa. Get the book ‘Yoruba Theology And Tradition – The Worship‘.

This is a beautiful and comprehensive work covering the Worship and Care of Orisha, as well as Divination types, steps & methods. It presents instructions on articles of sacrifice and the different initiations and Chieftancy titles. Finally prayers designed to help you in times of need as well for giving thanks are presented.

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