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Ancestral Veneration

How important is ancestor reverence? Lets see, try to put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors. If you were an ancestor and your family members and friends were to just forget about you, how would you feel? Get the Complete Ancestral Reverence Ebook. Learn how to set up your Ancestral Shrine to Avoid Unwanted Visitors. Learn How To Communicate with your Ancestors and they will help you through their Wisdom, and Love.  Read more!

New World Obi Divination

The concept of communication with the Spirits and Guardian Angels in the African Diaspora religions is an intricate part of the spiritual development of the practitioners, whether initiate or life long spiritual head of an ile (or “house of worship”). Obi divination is the methodology of obtaining an answer as guidance for movement in a situation or the outcome of current events. And this volume does just that!"...   Read more!

Take Your Destiny In Your Own Hands

blackegyptian 256x300 Take Your Destiny In Your Own HandsTaking a good look at our condition in the Diaspora, we as decedents of Africans must reflect on our history. We must ponder on the journey which our forefathers endured. It is because of their desire to survive and overcome against all odds that we are here today.

Are we any different than our forefathers? I would like to say that we are not. We have within ourselves all that glorious energy and will to endure the harshest of conditions life may throw our way. We have the power within us to overcome and conquer any and all obstacle because they are within us. Read the rest of this entry

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

how to get your prayers answered 150x150 How To Get Your Prayers AnsweredIn the Spirituality of the Yoruba, prayer (adura) is essential. Yoruba like all of your indigenous wisdom traditions of Africa is based upon the power of  the word (Ofo Ashe). In the wisdom of the Yoruba, the word is sacred and the word is truthful. Within the word, there is a holy, mystical force called bara.

It is this holy primordial force that sets Ashe in motion. It is bara that is the language that the Irunmole understand and obey. It is bara that is the true source of nourishment for the orisha. When we pray with a one-pointed mind and righteous heart, our words become potent with bara and our prayers are answered. Read the rest of this entry

Ileifa Was Down Due To Technical Issues

oops Ileifa Was Down Due To Technical IssuesIle ifa was down due to a domain name registrar change which encounter a few technical issues. This has been corrected/fixed, and thanks to Olodumare the site is up and operational once again.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for this. I can only hope that the new registrar service enhances your experience as you continue to visit our site. We have endured to offer you a complete unbiased view of Ifa in hopes that you can appreciate the universality of  its wisdom. After all Ifa is Olodumares’ codified wisdom. Read the rest of this entry

186 tablero de ifa otrupon irosun Ifa Of The Year 2013/2014   Oturupon IrosunTHE Annual Agbonniregun Festival took place, as usual, in Ile-Ife at Orunmila Temple, Oke Itase on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Ifa was consulted in order to usher in the new Ifa Year and at the same time determine for the coming year has in stock for Ifa/Orisa devotees and all mankind in general.

During the Ifa consultation, Oturupon Isokun (oturupon irosun) was revealed. Ifa foresees ire aiku for all devotees. Ebo riru will manifest the ire as predicted by Ifa.

Read the rest of this entry

Pioneer Woman Of Ifa Theology

life after death Pioneer Woman Of Ifa TheologyPioneer Woman of Ifa Theology, who are they? Are there any? Does Ifa allow such prominence to Woman? These are questions which I will answer in this article.

I’ve always posted that Ifa is a spiritual philosophy and as such does not get in the way of any religious dogma you may practice. But you will be surprise that in Ifa the concept of Pioneer Woman is dictated from the highest of the highest.

As Babalawo, I feel a great responsibility to empower the woman that come visit me for consultation. It is important to me that they know how significant their role is in our society. Yet too often is the case when the person I’m counseling feels the opposite.

Our society is a victim of religious dogma.

Our society has been fooled into thinking that woman must be governed by man. This has poisoned and distorted the original plan which was for both man and woman to govern. Each of them was delegated an equally important role in the creation of society.

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Do You Need a Babalawo or an Olorisha?

ikin shell Do You Need a Babalawo or an Olorisha?Do I Need a Babalawo or an Olorisha? Which one will help me the most? Which one is better?

Have you asked yourself anyone of these questions? Has anyone asked you any one of these questions?

What is the right answer? Do you know? Why don’t you share your answer with us? Go to the bottom of this article and leave your comment for others to benefit from. Read the rest of this entry

Reading For The Year 2013

element of fire 150x150 Reading For The Year 2013Reading for the year 2013 comes from the eastern quadrant of the Opon Ifa named Otun-Opon. This is the region that governs the world of the Self, your home, immediate family and intimate surroundings.

The Otun-Opon is the “I” of the “I/Not-I” equation. This is the region of life whose symbol is the element of fire. It is further represented by the rising sun and signals the beginning. Marking the dawn or a new realm within your private world. Read the rest of this entry

self empowerment Ifa And Orisha Worship   A Source For Self EmpowermentWhen I was initiated into Ifa the only goal I had was to get to know myself better, and in so doing eliminate certain aspects of my character which constantly got me in trouble. Little did I know that through Ifa and Orisha worship, I would find an everlasting source of self empowerment.

Many come to Ifa and or Orisha worship to solve problems that have manifested in their lives. The source of these problems quite often is the client. It is true that we suffer at the hands of others without our instigation, but we tend to instigate retaliations more often than not.

Read the rest of this entry

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